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The biggest predictor of longevity is community.

Join us to grow your Network and your Net-Worth.

"Our mission is to strengthen professional and social bonds to nurture more fulfilling lives for women from all backgrounds and ages."

Look forward to:

  1. Expert speakers & mentors

  2. Workshop events

  3. Building quality friendships

  4. Fun social events

  5. Networking with a group of women that prioritize health, community and growing their career

  6. Access to a Coach and a Naturopathic Doctor as well as other member experts

  7. Free health goods and cosmetic products from our sponsors!

Join us in person locally

Join us virtually globally

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Dr. Bahareh Moshtagh, ND

Bahareh met many women in her practice as a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner that she felt she could introduce to one another for networking and friendship. She felt that community was lacking in many of these women's lives. With her long time friend Ralitza, they decided they could merge their rosters and create a platform to connect their strong female community


Ralitza Spassova, MD

Ralitza followed her calling into transformational coaching and has since soulfully connected with so many beautiful and aligned women. Connecting like-hearted humans and creating community is one thing she loves to do, which is what inspired her to join her friend Bahareh in this calling. 

She believes that individually we are beautiful, strong and capable, but together in sisterhood we become unstoppable.

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Become a member for FREE in 2024!

Join our empowering women's collective, where female entrepreneurs come together to connect, grow, build friendships and thrive. Experience a vibrant community with social events, inspiring talks, educational conferences, and webinars tailored to elevate your business and enrich your journey to success.

On Repeat


Spaces limited.


Dive Deep

Location: TBD

Panel of female speakers on the following topics:

  • Balancing the masculine and the feminine in you

  • Re-Identifying your Identity: Who do you have to let go of in order to become?

  • Manifest the Life of your Dreams

  • Let go to Let in

  • Bio-hack tactics: Without Health there is no Wealth

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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